E-Bike rental prices

Get on – set off – enjoy!

Riding a FLYER is like riding a bike, only better. You simply press down on the pedals - and the power you generate is doubled: Experience the mountain landscape of Engadin with half the effort and twice the pleasure.

Recommended frame sizes for E-bikes

  • Frame size 41 (XS) = Height up to approx. 154 cm
  • Frame size 45 (S) = Height up to approx. 164 cm
  • Frame size 50 (SM) = Height up to approx. 174 cm
  • Frame size 55 (L) = Height from approx. 175 cm
Prices in Swiss FrancsC FlyerE-Bike MTB
1/2 day (to 12.30pm / from 13.30pm)CHF 40.00CHF 53.00
1 dayCHF 55.00CHF 73.00
2 daysCHF 99.00CHF 131.00
3 daysCHF 129.00CHF 172.00
4 daysCHF 159.00CHF 212.00
5 daysCHF 187.00CHF 248.00
6 daysCHF 215.00CHF 284.00
1 weekCHF 237.00CHF 314.00
2 weeksCHF 391.00CHF 517.00
Extra battery per dayCHF 8.00CHF 8.00


Offers & Price List

*All prices inclusive of helmet with hygienic insert. Permitted from age 16. Returning the bike to a different station possible (A-B).

Mountain bike rental prices

Cycling? A comfortable excursion? Flow trails?

The St. Moritz Bike Center, in collaboration with Rent a Bike, maintains a comprehensive fleet of top bikes of every type.

Recommended frame sizes for mountain bikes

  • Frame size 40 (S) = Height 150 - 164 cm
  • Frame size 46 (M) = Height 164 - 176 cm
  • Frame size 51 (L) = Height from 176 cm
Prices in Swiss FrancsMTB KidsMTB PremiumMTB Fully
1/2 day
(to 12.30pm / from 13.30pm)
CHF 27.00CHF 31.00CHF 49.00
1 dayCHF 35.00CHF 43.00CHF 68.00
2 daysCHF 63.00CHF 77.00CHF 122.00
3 daysCHF 82.00CHF 101.00CHF 160.00
4 daysCHF 102.00CHF 125.00CHF 197.00
5 daysCHF 119.00CHF 146.00CHF 231.00
6 daysCHF 137.00CHF 168.00CHF 265.00
1 weekCHF 151.00CHF 185.00CHF 292.00
2 weeksCHF 249.00CHF 304.00CHF 481.00


Offers & Price List

* Chariot child trailer available upon request. MTB Kids' prices up to age 16. All prices inclusive of helmet with hygienic insert. Reductions for Half-fare, GA or STS card holders Option to return the bike to a different station/ Rent a Bike rental station available (A-B).

Scott Test Center

Roadbikes, newest E-Bikes and Plus MTB.

The Bikecenter St.Moritz is an official Scott Testcenter. We are running among other things the biggest road bike fleet in the engadin.

Scott Test Center

*Please send us an email for requests and reservations of the scott test fleet.

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