Weekly Program & Dates

  • daily discipline specific training
  • Camp Trophy
  • Lunch on the lake, barbeque, picknick or in the restaurant
  • "Review of the week" to show the parents friday afternoon
  • Example of a Kidscamp week

    Weekly program example

    ask us via Mail info@suvretta-sports.ch

    News Suvretta Sports School

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    13 Feb

    Snow Show Suvretta- The Wave

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    15 Nov

    Snowboard Schnupperkurse

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    15 Nov

    Einheimischen Kurse

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    03 Nov

    Broschüre 24

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    22 Dec

    Top Story 2022 Suvretta Sports

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    28 Jun

    Newsletter Juni 2021

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    26 May

    Join the Kids Bike League

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    16 Mar

    Newsletter März 2021

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