COVID-19 Compliance

Suvretta Sports School AG follows the current guidelines issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. We take the health and safety of our guests very seriously. This safety policy aims to ensure that skiing lessons under current conditions are safe. 


Skiing and cross-country skiing takes place outside, in the fresh air. This significantly reduces the risk of infection. Skiing strengthens the body and mind and makes us feel happy. This strengthens our immune system and helps us to be more resistant to illnesses.

1 Basic principles


1.1 Guests with symptoms

Guests with symptoms are not allowed to participate in the lessons. They must inform our ski instructor or our ski school office. They must stay at home and follow the guidelines issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health with regard to quarantining and/or consulting a doctor.  

Guests who are infected with the coronavirus are asked to inform our ski instructor or our ski school office. They have a right to a refund of the lesson fee upon presentation the following day of a doctor's certificate from a local doctor. Please see our business guidelines for more information.

1.2 Guests’ contact details

Suvretta Sports School AG and its employees are obligated to gather the contact details of all guests as follows: 

Last name, first name, mobile number, email, address in Engadin

Customers should be aware that data has to be sent to the cantonal authorities if requested.

We recommend you to install and use the Swiss Covid App. Furthermore we recommend timely before the winterseason to undertake a flu vaccination with your family doctor.


1.3 Safety policies of other tourist organisations 

We observe the safety policies of other tourist organisations in the region including cable car operators, hotels, restaurants and sports stores.

1.4 Suvretta Sports School AG employees

Our ski instructors use an ongoing health check questionnaire to confirm that they have no symptoms. In addition, we conduct regular temperature checks. If any symptoms appear, our ski instructors are not allowed to work, and guests will be assigned a different ski instructor. Our staffmembers caryy disinfection for hand-hygiene and a filtering facepiece with them all the times.


1.5 Disinfection

All surfaces and facilities are cleaned and disinfected on a regluar basis.


2 Social distancing and hygiene measures


2.1 Private lessons

Dear Guests, please book and pay for your lesson using our online shop.

When meeting you, your ski instructor will wear a face mask / face covering. After discussing your requirements, the instructor may remove their mask at your request, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between you can be maintained. If the minimum distance cannot be maintained, our ski instructor is obligated to wear a face mask / face covering.

At transport facilities, the provisions stated in the cable car operator’s safety policy applies, as well as the guidelines issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Face masks / face coverings must be worn in closed gondolas.

If a ski instructor collects a guest in a vehicle, the ski instructor is obligated to wear a face mask the whole time. The guest will also be recommended to wear a face mask. Face masks are available from the ski school office.

Our ski instructors always use chair lifts and ski lifts where possible.


2.2 Group lessons for children / temperature checks

Guests are asked to book lessons in advance online or by email to minimise visits to the ski school office. 

If the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained, the ski instructor is obligated to wear a face mask. We also recommend that our guests wear a face mask. Face masks / face coverings must be worn in closed gondolas (if over the age of 12).  

We would like to request that children are only accompanied to lessons by one parent. There are marked spectator zones for parents. Assembly points are spread out so that individual groups do not mix. Individual groups are also kept separate for lunchtime and children's skiing races, etc. We set up marked spectator zones. 

All children have a check-in each morning that includes a temperature check. If any child has a raised temperature (above 38 degrees), they are not allowed to participate in the lesson. If they have any additional symptoms, they should consult a doctor.

Where possible, our ski instructors use chair lifts and ski lifts in the fresh air to minimise the risk of infection. 

Prizes are distributed to the children's classes in groups.


2.3 Offices and booking locations

The “Keep Safe” poster is displayed in prominent locations

Sanitiser is available in the entrance area. 

A partition has been set up at the counter. The office is regularly aired and cleaned. Employees disinfect and wash their hands regularly.

The number of customers permitted in the office is limited and there are distance markings on the floor. Cash-free payment using cards or payment links is recommended. We recommend that bookings are made online or by email.


3 COVID-19 – Specialist team & communication

Suvretta Sports School has a specialist team monitoring and managing the current situation. They are available for any questions regarding COVID-19. 

The team is responsible for implementing this safety policy and initiating any relaxation or strengthening of measures. 

The COVID-19 specialist team is responsible for communicating all announcements regarding COVID-19. Employees who are asked for information about this safety policy pass on all enquiries to the specialist team. 

The COVID-19 specialist team consists of:

  • Patrik Wiederkehr, Managing Director
  • Sascha Hosennen, Deputy Director
  • Lisanne Biekart, Kids Team Manager
  • Claudia Teichmann, KAS Manager
  • Schimun Grass, Technical Director
  • Mathias Mader, Deputy Technical Director
  • Heinz Lüthi, Nordic & Shop


4 Suvretta Sports School AG Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Suvretta Sports School AG's Terms and Conditions for information about COVID-19 refunds.  

The safety policy is routinely updated online.                       

Suvretta Sports School AG Executive Management

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