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"ISTA" Inernational Snow Training Acadmey - Discovery

ISTA; International Snow Training Academy. Make your official international accepted Certificate for your off-piste training. You learn how to ski and act off-piste (Inklucive Tutorial, Booklets)
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ISTA International Snow Training Academy

Freerdie Course ISTA - Discovery - Group lesson

Discovery, go the the direct programm contents

  • 19/20.03.2022
  • 16/17.04.2022 - Easter

Prize for the course: CHF 250.00 buchen

Meeting Point: tba

Meeting Time: tab

Mountain Guides and Freeride Guides (Private)

The Engadine, - Freeride Paradise - countless Skiroutes, with already small ascents 1000 of possibilities result.

Book your privat Mountain Guide inkl. die ISTA Discovery BOX or a licensed Freeride Guide

Mt. Guide & ISTA Discovery Box p.pPrize p. Guide
Mountain Guide 1 DayCHF 620.00 buchen
ISTA Discovery Box Additional                                    CHF 140.00 buchen
Freeride Guide 1 dayCHF 550.00 buchen
Freeride Guide half dayCHF 390.00 buchen

Shortclip: Freeride and Offpiste

Shortclip: Our Experts at Suvretta Sports

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