Our levels and standards

The different levels and the content of the individual courses can be viewed here.

Beginners' courses /basic training

Level 1 / Crab

Children are familiarized with the element water and master the core skills of breathing and floating

Level 2 / Seahorse

After jumping into the water children are able to swim back to the edge of the pool without assistance. They are also able to glide and have mastered the key skill of kicking alternate legs.

Level 3 / Frog

The skill of propelling oneself by kicking alternate legs is practised further. The children are also taught the proper way to swim backstroke and how to breathe.

Level 4 / Penguin

Children develop their backstroke and begin the first crawl movements.

Level 5 / Octopus

Distances are increased and the execution of the movements improved. When swimming crawl, breathing is integrated into the sequence of movements.

Level 6 / Crocodile

The children are able to swim crawl and backstroke as well as diving into the water both head first and feet first!

Advanced courses / Advanced

Level 7

The children are introduced to the movements for butterfly stroke as well as the leg movements for breast stroke.

Level 8

The children learn breast stroke and are able to execute a turn in crawl and backstroke.

Level 9

We work on coordination in swimming breast stroke. We start learning butterfly stroke, initially using only one arm

Level 10

Upon completion of level 10 the children are able to swim all 4 styles with correct technique.



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